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How do we work?

  • Once you book a call, we will connect via Zoom meeting , during which we will discuss your needs and promotional goals.
  • Briefing, getting access and materials.
    We ask a few questions that you answer in writing so that we can learn as much as possible about your business, product/service and understand your target audience.
  • Strategy :
    Based on the information you provide, we develop a targeted advertising strategy. We create a detailed “intelligence map” where we define all the stages of advertising launch, budget allocation, selection of audiences, creation of advertising texts and ideas to achieve the best results.
  • Running ads:
    After detailed preparation and tremendous input into every aspect of your advertising strategy, comes the long-awaited moment - the ad launch moment. We look forward to seeing the first results while your ads begin to spread and capture the attention of your target audience.

Our services will help your business stay a few steps ahead

Facebook ads

TIkTOk ads

Google ads

Funnel building & optimisation


Examination of the completed brief.

Analyzing the offerer (the offer to the potential customer).

Analysis and selection of TA (target audience).

Creating a targeted advertising strategy.

Creating creatives (pictures and videos that will be used to show the ads).(optional)

Creating selling ad texts.

Running ads (Facebook, Instagramm, TikTok, Google).

Weekly and monthly reports.

Social media tips.

Unblocking of advertising accounts/pages in case of blockings

Recommendations for funnel conversion rate.

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